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Are you going? Pikachu was surprised.

No … I’m in a daze here but I’m still confident.
Little hoof you this pit goods! The dead shemale just told you so much that you went to the vice escort to be in a daze? The familiar criticism is coming again.
I … Zuo Tangtang was criticized for being a little dizzy. What am I going to do?
Your ya go to the battlefield! What else can I do with my hand at this time? You dare not go to Yizhuang, Suzhou to practice flag planting. No, no, that’s right. After you get up the courage to play a game with others, others will be far away immediately, and no one will want to plant flags with you! And …
And your sister! Although it was said that it was such a truth before, it was really a very unpleasant thing to be criticized by Pikachu.
Pikachu, hurry to make medicine! Hearing that two people are going to blow up again, the cat ear mother quickly plugged in. Hoof hooves, although Pikachu said that, but the truth is true, you’d better go to the battlefield to practice. The whole flower transfer palace is estimated to be able to listen to me and have you.
Zuo Tangtang looked at what he was waiting in line to enter the battlefield.
This time … this time, it is not a good thing for us to be able to form an alliance or not. Cat Ear Niang looked at the hand that had just inquired about news from his gang, and said with a frown that it was difficult to be continued.
[321 Chapter three hundred and twentythree Speak by Strength]
Looking at the brain screen at night, it emits a slight fluorescence and is projected by the light on Zuo Tangtang’s cheek. It is also unclear to see the expression.
Is pursed lips, eyes firmly hold the mouse tightly, and both hands reveal her tense emotions at this time.
The sound of the mouse and keyboard is clear and audible in the room, but it sounds different from Zuo Tangtang’s performance. It is somewhat idle and occasionally sounds out, but it is very decisive to switch directions.
Like what I met, Zuo Tangtang’s back couldn’t help but stand more and more straight. His wrist gently moved his forefinger and middle finger, and it was also very regular. He lit the mouse and stared at the screen. He didn’t come to the keyboard and took a look at his left hand. He was familiar with his skills with his memory in his mind, but sometimes he raised his little finger slightly and trembled in his eyes. The deepest part of his eyes still couldn’t erase his nervousness and panic. It also represented that Zuo Tangtang was not as calm as she showed.
I don’t know how long it took before the tapping of the keyboard gradually stopped, and the right hand holding the mouse slowly relaxed.
Almost instantly, his shoulders suddenly relaxed and he leaned back and Zuo Tangtang took a deep breath.
The four characters of our own victory on the brain screen have not dissipated. Looking at it represents the reasons for helping attack and killing and the number of deaths in your column. After the victory of the battlefield, it becomes relaxed. Zuo Tangtang’s look is once again gloomy.
I don’t know what sighed again.
Lazy, leaning back, Zuo Tangtang looked at himself with a mouse pad, his palm sweated slightly, his right hand stayed for two or three seconds, and then he decisively grasped the mouse back again and straightened up again.
She is far from it.
Zuo Tangtang shook her head with a wry smile and selfmockery at the corner of her mouth. For the past few days, she has been listening to Pikaqiu, the cat’s ear, and she is able to exercise herself every day in the battlefield.
I have never had any great ambition or temper before, and sometimes I am very calm after being killed by some malicious killers. When the death cools down, I will resurrect and walk away without saying anything.
Later … I saw that the important person in my heart was knocked down again and again by the most dependent method. She rushed over, but the result of waiting for her was not to fall down again and again. Since that time, she had a vague idea in her heartshe wanted to be stronger, and she 桑拿按摩 wanted to keep her guardian even if that person was much better than her.
Later … Her ideas in this respect faded away. The only thing she insisted on was to play with soy sauce and so on. She was able to protect herself, not only because no one would protect her anymore, but also because she knew that there were still some very * * guys who were very interested in her. She didn’t want to get everyone into trouble because of her own inability.
Now … Looking at a white battlefield in front of you, Zuo Tangtang did not hesitate to order him to have a conversation again. It’s time for us to work hard together. Everyone is paying so much attention. How can we pretend not to see it there?
Especially … Zuo Tangtang lowered her eyes. She thought that the tone of Maoershiang’s unfinished words that day was full of difficulties.
She is not clever but not stupid.
She has a lot to think about, but it’s all white.
For example, they are already in a difficult situation unconsciously when they are in the Flower Palace.
Even now, every day, the girls in the Flower Palace have a colorful discussion and contest, but it is clear that Zuo Tangtang often watches the conversation on the power channel. The mentality in the Flower Palace is nothing more than a sister power. Although there are some hotblooded women who play shemale names like Cat Ear Niang, most people just regard this activity as a soy sauce activity.
Everyone laughs and laughs, but what they do is somewhat lower than the same level. Peach Blossom Island, not to mention this different attitude, is common sense that it is difficult for a cat to understand this.
Let’s not talk about everyone’s views in the Flower Palace. Let’s take the outsiders and their various forces as an example. The metropolis thinks that the socalled power command is only born in Peach Blossom Island and Genmen.
For example, the Jianghu forces such as Xujiazhuang, the Mountain Villa of Animals, and the Shen Family, even for a period of time, were worshipped by many people, but they were automatically ignored by everyone. The reason is simple, and there is no powerful move like the hidden forces. What is more important is that the number of people is far more popular than that of the three major forces
Among the three major forces, what about the Pure Sister Sect Flower Palace?
What do people think of it?
This kind of problem is probably true after a little thought.
Therefore, it may be really good to guess about the future development, just like the day she saw the streets causing public anger. She didn’t understand why they would not pay attention to their own guilds. Now think about it, she felt that she was going to cry stupidly. How could they understand other people’s opinions and opinions?
Therefore, there are two ways to choose or passively choose the Flower Palace. One is that Peach Blossom Island and Genmen jointly defeat the Flower Palace with something that should not be thought in their hearts. After the two forces deal with this small trouble, the other two forces will seriously judge each other. The other is that Peach Blossom Island or Genmen join hands. If the strength of Taohua Island is similar, the Flower Palace is the weak advantage. After this advantage is defeated, the previous alliance will disperse again and the Flower Palace can be clearly seen.
On the two methods, it seems that the result of moving the flower palace is only eliminated
The former is solved directly, while the latter is solved after being benefited.
It seems that no matter how superior the sample theory is, it will not appear here in the Flower Palace.
However, they must win the final victory.
Thinking about MaoErNiang firmly, thinking that everyone has been working hard in Heifengzhai. Zuo Tangtang has always been ambitious in this Jianghu with soy sauce, but his partners have dreams that they are willing to try here, and they must never hold them back.
Now they are in a passive position, almost not qualified to choose their allies, but passively waiting for the strategy of Taohua Island. They have strong ambitions, they have an attitude of not losing, and they have what they want to win. Now the first step is to strive for the second method.
That is, to join hands with Peach Blossom Island or Genmen to treat another force. Even if others think it is just the difference between early death and late death, they want to be weak in the end, and they can look forward to this road.
Mao Erniang knows very well, and so does Zuo Tangtang.
Being able to choose this road is not only willing to form an alliance with the Flower Palace, but the forces at that end are full of strong confidence in their own strength. What is more important is that the Flower Palace should show cowardice and mediocrity at this time. Perhaps just showing these two points will make everyone feel at ease and suspicious.
Who seems to be arrogant these days?
Presumably, everyone knows it.
The countdown to battlefield matching is still counting minute by minute. Zuo Tangtang scratched his finger toward the middle, trying to let the wetness in his hand dissipate early because of a tense battlefield.
In fact, maybe the technical method can’t achieve a top ten in one day, but it can become a person in her own team who makes her teammates feel reliable. They will eventually face a team competition, not an individual competition. Even if she grabs the head and watches the opportunity to support her teammates, or sees that she is cruel to sell her teammates at the wrong time, she must have such small details.
Occasionally go to Yizhuang, Suzhou to plant flags, or Cat Ear Mother and Pikaqiu are willing to feed each other when they are free. She can prepare for the scene of meeting the enemy after being alone in the battlefield, but now the battlefield may be what she really needs to practiceif she can be a real team player.
This is not a oneperson game.
The screen is dark again, and the blue reading bar appears in the game interface of ancient tomb school architecture, which is getting closer and closer, and a new battle is about to begin.
Because of the battlefield setting, Zuo Tangtang’s name was automatically hidden. He appeared in a uniform and inconspicuous costume. Looking back and eating a battlefield, buff was very skilled and trotted out to find a hidden position to observe the enemy’s situation and wait for his teammates to arrive.
Seriously, I still don’t ignore my teammates from the starting point. I have been watching the enemy go to Zuo Tangtang’s team. After waking up, I carefully ran to the place where she just saw the murderous buff.
The battlefield continues …
After brushing the battlefield for a whole day, Zuo Tangtang’s mind is not as tight as it was at the beginning, but slightly distracted.
She knows that they are all legal choices.
But she really doesn’t want Peach Blossom Island to join hands.
Because there, she knew that the last thing she wanted was to see people with teams to be continued.
[322] Chapter three hundred and twentyfour Face swollen and full of fat]

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In the face of such a closerange header attack, pagliuca saved Inter Milan several times in the game, and this time he can also sigh.

Two to one! Florence leads again!
Chapter 75 Inter Milan (6)
The goal! The goal was christian vieri, and our number one center finally broke pagliuca’s goal! Effenberg and vieri complete a beautiful header relay to score the goal! In this corner kick attack, Florence players gave full play to their high advantages! Watching vieri rush around the stadium to celebrate, the commentator couldn’t help joking about the Italian number one center and said, Look at his excitement, I’m afraid he scored the winning goal in the Champions League final!
It’s natural to smile to see vieri score a goal. Florence has conceded a lot of goals this season. In the past nine league games, it has lost 14 goals, which is more than double that of the same period of the season. On the one hand, newcomers such as Makelele have not yet fully integrated into the Florence defense. On the other hand, Capello has made the team more relaxed in the game this season. If you invest more energy in the attack, it will naturally be impossible to be as tight in the defense as before.
However, Moratti’s face quickly turned cloudy when he came to Florence. This goal made him quite stubborn when he was bickering. At the same time, he secretly complained that coach Simone knew that Florence had an advantage in height, so you should work out a set of effective countermeasures as soon as possible! How can you let your opponent score this advantage!
It seems that that’s all about Simone. If he doesn’t win the championship this season, let him go next summer. Angry Moratti made a decision in his heart and decided the fate of his team coach.
After winning the lead again, Florence’s command in Capello gradually became slow. After all, there are still more than half of the game left, and now it is time for the players to save their energy.
After Florence consciously contracted the formation and took the initiative to slow down the attack rhythm, Inter Milan’s attack gradually improved. However, there was no good way to turn their energy to defending the Fiorentina Nerazzurri. Although Baggio and Batty were quite active in the game, effenberg, Makelele and Lei Dongduo joined hands to cut off Baggio and others and Batty and then took the initiative to attack the Nerazzurri. Obviously, it was a bit dull to break the goal, and they could rely on the setpieces in the frontcourt to create shooting opportunities.
So in the last few minutes of the halftime, Inter Milan showed all the people who watched the game a setpiece skill. Batty’s headthrowing attack and Baggio’s twolegged intentional kick were very threatening, but they failed to become the most needed goal for Inter Milan.
In this way, when Corina blew the whistle at the end of the halfgame, the score was two to one, and Florence led.
As soon as the game entered the intermission, the boss made an excuse and left the VIP box in a hurry.
Zhuang Ge knows in his heart that this great boss must have gone to the visiting team’s locker room to cheer up his players. Now he wants to win the league championship and it is not unusual to make some radical moves, but Moratti’s move will definitely seriously damage the head coach Wei.
It’s really unlucky to have such a boss, Simone, who likes to tell the team what to do. Zhuang Ge sighed in his heart and then chatted with Karin in the box. After all, he had persuaded Moratti not to listen to him himself, and there was no need to worry about this.
The fiorentina fans in the stands are celebrating happily because they support the team and now lead the score; And Inter Milan fans are not to be outdone, praying silently in their hearts that the team can improve in attack at halftime.
However, after halftime, Inter Milan did not keep the counteroffensive momentum at the last moment of halftime as their fans expected, but was suppressed again by a wave of offensives by Fiorentina players!
Effenberg and Lei Dongduo form a dualcore Florence, which has enough control advantages for Florence to continuously create offensives that pose a great threat to Inter Milan!
In Makelele, it creates opportunities to protect the two players’ constant accuracy and excellent teammates, and their relatively backward position also makes Inter Milan’s defense quite troublesome. After all, Simone and Winter can’t always go to Florence to grab the ball, because then there will be a large area behind them that can be benefited by Florence players!
Although Fiorentina didn’t shoot many times, they were patiently looking for opportunities, and every time they created opportunities, Inter Milan’s defense line was scared.
In the fortyninth minute, Lei Dongduo scored the ball in the middle of the road. After catching the ball from the left, Ronaldo drove straight in and dumped Winter and Sadie in a row. After hitting the door at a small angle, the ball was confiscated by pagliuca.
In the fiftysixth minute, effenberg gave the ball to Ljungberg. Ljungberg kept the ball to the edge of the sleeve. After Zambrotta received the ball, Zambrotta directly kicked the ball and drew an arc across the middle to defend galante vieri. In the running, he made a dive and bombed the ball, but it hit the goal crossbar and popped the bottom line …
It was already 60 minutes when Simone found that the team not only didn’t improve on the offensive end, but also could be seized by Florence at any time to score another goal. He finally made his first substitution in the game, Zeelias changed to Winter to strengthen the attack, which made the Dutch and Brazilians obviously more supportive on the offensive end than being an engineer midfielder.
However, Zeelias did not change the unfavorable situation of Inter Milan’s presence. After all, his skills and overall situation are not as good as Baggio’s scoring ability and organizational skills, and his impact and breakthrough are not as good as djorkaeff’s. What’s more, he can be thrown out by Moreno for two blocks at most, that is, a good role player. When he is a champion puzzle, it can be decided whether he will play or not.
Capello responded quickly when he saw Simone move, but his substitution really shocked everyone in the venueLjungberg and Ronaldo were replaced by filippo inzaghi and Pirlo!
After all, Florence has an advantage in midfield, and you can see it, but Pirlo, an organized midfielder, is already present in Lei Dongduo and effenberg …
Is this fucking threecore rhythm? !
Chapter 76 Inter Milan (7)
Three nuclear tactics! When the word comes out of some people’s minds, these people are not in their hearts, which is very shocking!
After all, it is not as simple as sending three organizational midfielders at the same time to successfully implement the threecore tactics in the game, which requires a lot of unimaginable complexity.
The positions of Pirlo, Lei Dongduo and effenberg should be dealt with as to whether there will be overlapping positions on the court, which will affect the normal operation of the team; If the three players should distribute the ball, will someone have any opinions on the head coach because he has too little possession? There is also whether the three of them have priorities, for example, when Florence players intercept the ball and prepare to fight back, who is the starting point of the first counterattack? Should they give it to one of them nearby or should they look for one of them and the other two carry out tactics around him?
These problems are all for a coach who wants to adopt threecore tactics. It must be taken into account that if these threecore tactics are not arranged in advance, it will be a beautiful stunt with no actual combat value, but it will cause unnecessary confusion and the team’s record will slip.
It is precisely because of this that when Capello changed for Pirlo, most people except Florence fans were skeptical. Some people thought that Capello was digging his own grave, ruining Florence and handing over the victory to Inter Milan!
However, with the passage of time, people were surprised to find that Florence not only didn’t have a chaotic situation, but took the initiative of the game more closely in their hands!
Lei Dongduo is responsible for combing the middle and backcourt to stabilize the rhythm of the team’s game, which is his most important thing; Excellent overall situation: effenberg is in the center to command the overall situation. No one dares to disobey his command in Reagan’s team with his qualifications and leadership. 养生会所 Pirlo, the youngest and most energetic player, should ensure that the ball can find a suitable outlet no matter where it goes, so as to ensure that the ball is firmly in our feet. In coach Xi Capello, he is teaching Mourinho the experience he summed up in the process of exploring this tactic. If the team scores, I don’t think I need to think too much about it. All three of them can lead the whole team. Whether teammates send the ball or attack and score by themselves, I believe that the players are quite high and they will make the most suitable choice in the game.
But if Fabio handles their words in your way, it’s not a threecore tactic at all. Mourinho was so absorbed in thinking about the threecore tactic that he immediately wondered. I think it’s more like dividing the responsibility of an organization core into three parts that the three of them are responsible for one part.
I’ve never told anyone what kind of threecore tactics I’m using now. Although there are some wave resources in this way, don’t you think this way of division of labor can give full play to each of them? Seeing that my brother still hasn’t recovered, Capello gave a bad smile and explained, The main thing is that I want to cheat the other party to see if Simone’s oldfashioned will get confused after seeing this.
… sure enough, this is Fabio’s style. After hearing Capello’s explanation, Mourinho finally said with a look of frustration in his chest. I should have thought of how a wily guy like you could make this threecore tactic that has not been tested in actual combat in such a formal game.
Haha, thank you for your compliment. Capello gave a comment on Mourinho and accepted it with a smile. It really looked like an old fox who had stolen a chicken.
… Mourinho turned away silently. He felt that if he talked to Capello again at this time, he would be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment because of high blood pressure.
As Capello imagined, after seeing that Pirlo didn’t make Florence chaotic on the pitch, but made the home team more efficient and threatening on the offensive end, Simone couldn’t sit still because he knew it was dangerous to leave diego simeone alone in the defensive midfield!
In the sixtyninth minute of the game, effenberg scored the ball and inserted Roberto Carlos into the sleeve before Simone made up the defense.
After receiving the ball from the middle, the Brazilian leftback had to restrain his offensive because of the coach’s tactical arrangement. This time, he finally got the opportunity to display his talents. As soon as he received the ball, he immediately rode along the flank of running all the way, and then broke through Sadie’s defense at a forced speed, and decisively took the left foot!
Followup in the middle vieri bumped Bergomi and galante in the process of advancing. In front of this Italianmade heavy tank, the defense of these two central defenders seemed so fragile.
Vieri strode forward, leaving Bergomi and galante behind, and then met Carlos’ goal, which was a onefooted tackle!
With quick reaction, pagliuca realized that he stretched out his arms and legs and blocked vieri’s inevitable shot from the goal!
Scared by vieri’s snatch in front of the door, his heart almost jumped out. Inter Milan fans just put their hearts back in their stomachs, and a purple figure suddenly appeared in front of the door, once again making them feel their hearts in their throats!
Inzaghi, who was almost ignored after coming off the bench, actually appeared in front of the ball blocked by toldo, lifting his leg and poking him gently in the desperate eyes of Inter Milan players …

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Together with the surrounding air, it was immediately filled with the exclusive breath of Nanchen Night, which oppressed her to breathe.

He suddenly bent down and squatted in front of her, reached over and grabbed her sharp knife.
This movement made her not respond at all.
Little thing, I’ll take you home! His voice pierced her ear like a magic sound.
The prison jaw sounds as magnetic as ever, but it makes her tremble 桑拿按摩 and panic all over, moving her body a little bit and moving back.
After seeing her resistance, Nanchen Night’s expression became a little gloomy, and then she was pulled up close to her body. Nanchen Night’s body was faint and the dragon’s birthday fragrance immediately wrapped her layer by layer, which made her afraid.
Nan Chen’s lips are full of evil laughter and ripples slowly extend to her brow. Afraid of me?
Yeah, she’s scared.
You get out … get out of here … She knotted her teeth and spit out a few words.
Fuck off?
I think you will be happy to hug me when you see me, and call me-brother sweetly!
You are disgusting!
It’s not like you should have an expression at all! He looked at her with a demonic smile. Remember? Right? Ask the positive tone of words
In the past few months, all her movements have been monitored by him, and he knows everything she does
Including what she does every day. When did you do what? Where did you go? With who? Including her surgery to restore her memory.
He didn’t expect that she would still be so afraid after her memory was restored, and she seemed to be more afraid of herself!
Does he really scare her so much?
Obviously this is not what he wants to see.
Don’t she remember those months when they were together?
So afraid of him?
She said she loved herself!
Did she forget?
He doesn’t like her eyes, he doesn’t like her fear expression, and he doesn’t like her fear of him.
You … you want to … what do you want?
The fear of him from the bottom of my heart is growing.
Did the little thing think about me? His voice is evil and hoarse, gentle and bewitched, but it is a bit more terrible than the devil’s voice
She felt that she was going to break down and hit him hard. Get out … get out …
He squinted deeply and tightened his fingers. It seems that you have forgotten that I am a man and you are a woman! He warned her not to struggle.
She didn’t rest assured of his warning because she had been occupied by fear.
Didn’t you think about me at all? It seems that he won’t let it go until he gets the answer he wants.
Kexin was forced to look at him. She looked at him in pain. What did he want?
What’s haunting her?
Isn’t it enough that he has done those cruel things to himself?
Does he have a heart?
No, he’s a demon and has no heart!
Will hurt her, hurt her!

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Ouyang Qian stare big eyes unbelievable to see a face of course Fang Shao.

I never thought that this man would take care of her and ask her for something in return.
If he does something, Ouyang Qian will not hesitate to promise to help him.
But today, even if it is said to be ungrateful,
She won’t help either.
Gu Liufang may be a mentally ill person who came here and didn’t have anything to do with her. The adults in the school are worried that this woman will stab her with a knife if she doesn’t like her.
Now this woman has no way to bother him. She is thankful.
She’s not going to hang her neck and wait for her to stab herself.
Hand a qiaojin break free by Fang Shao buckle the wrist.
The school adults told Fang Shao clearly.
I can help him, but I’m sorry for this kind of thing.
Besides, there are many outsiders here today, and I don’t want that woman to do anything to affect the image of the 夜网论坛 military region.
Please find a way to get this woman out.
What do you have to do to find a remote place to deal with it?
I won’t be an eyesore here.
With that, I started to run, but I was pulled by Gu Liufang, who had already approached them.
I want to run when I see you. What do you mean, Ouyang Xianqian?
It’s not normal for us to see that you want to run?
But why do I think you want to run away because you are guilty?
She didn’t do anything wrong.
She is a discoverer, and Gu Liufang will refute anything she says.
Wisely choose not to speak.
So Ouyang School, is this to admit that you are guilty?
I really want to know if I killed your family or planed your ancestral grave. Why do you always have a problem with me?
I adore fourth brother, and when I want to marry fourth brother, you cling to fourth brother.
Now I finally give up my fourth brother and want to live with Fang.
As a result, you are entangled with him again.
You tell me
What aunt wants to grab every man she sees?
Ouyang Xianqian really feels that it is unlucky to meet such a woman.
But this woman, if she doesn’t give some explanation and leave directly, she will probably make trouble.
I told you every time that I am not interested in men except my husband.
really! I swear to God.
Or if Miss Gu has something to say, can we find another place to make things clear?
The school adults don’t want to spoil the good atmosphere.
Can heart unwilling feeling unwilling to discuss a way
Gu Liufang is laughing at.
It’s to find a place where no one is there, so you can bully me?
So what do you want?
I just want to ask you now that you have married the fourth brother, why don’t you live with him and have to talk to my fiance? Or do you eat a bowl and look at the pot and regard my fiance as your spare tire?
She is going to cultivate her feelings with Fang Shao this time and then make plans for engagement.
Section 53
I didn’t expect her to see this woman pandering to her future fiance when she just met someone.
Gu Liufang’s heart can’t be angry
See Gu Liufang with a face of grasping the bed
Ouyang Xianqian hates Fang Shao.
Knowing that this woman had a grudge against her, she was used as a shield.

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Instructors doubt whether the injected drugs have failed. A class of psychedelic drugs have not even lost this aphrodisiac drug to Lu Jiuzheng. Others may be short of breath, red face and red face, and the blood is boiling, but Lu Jiuzheng is always so calm until the end of the test.

Others went straight to the bathroom as soon as the test was over. Although they survived the test, the medicinal properties were actually injected into the body, especially the aphrodisiac drugs. They must go to the bathroom to solve the problem. Occasionally, although they were not so anxious, they could clearly see the changes in their legs.
Section 145
Liu Jiuzheng left the test room with his face still paralyzed and his pace never chaotic, which made the instructor once suspect that this was definitely a personality! Otherwise, how can a normal man be so calm! You know, they even played a Chinese film on the big screen after injecting Lu Jiuzheng with drugs.
At the beginning, Liu Jiuzheng did not change his face in the face of several tests, but at this time, Tao Mo made a slight mischief, which made Liu Jiuzheng somewhat uncontrollable. Especially at this time, Tao Mo actually bit Liu Jiuzheng’s neck teeth with a bad smile and rubbed his neck skin. Suddenly, Liu Jiuzheng was calm and confused.
Don’t make trouble! Liu Jiuzheng warned in a low voice that the warm touch of the neck felt like invisible feathers. At this moment, Liu Jiuzheng realized that his selfcontrol was not as good as he thought.
Uncle, I’m helping you train before, or then you run into a honey trap. Isn’t that a failure? Tao Mo smiled and hugged Liu Jiuzheng’s neck tightly. It was just a tooth bite, but it deliberately made the tip of the tongue lick Liu Jiuzheng’s neck
Tao Mo! The body suddenly tightened and Lu Jiuzheng’s Adam’s apple slipped for a few times. I was reluctant to scold Tao Mo’s noisy beating. I didn’t feel what it was called for the first time. I took two hoarse voices and said, Don’t mess around!
Well, I also know that the occasion is not right. Tao Mo is clever and nodded his head as quiet as a cat. Liu Jiuzheng’s shoulder whispering tone is slightly inaudible. Uncle, you want a generation to carry me like this.
Liu Jiuzheng’s black eyes sank and continued to walk. After a long time, he should have replied Well.
Feng Weiyao followed behind, although Liu Jiuzheng slowed down, but Huang Yuanyi was exhausted after all. At this time, watching her bite her teeth and trying to follow Feng Weiyao had to help people.
Go ahead and Liu Jiuzheng and Tao Mo don’t seem to say anything, but they seem to have an invisible barrier to isolate others, which makes Feng Weiyao feel sour.
From the very beginning, Feng Weiyao found that Tao Mo looked easy to get along with, and her personality was clever and peaceful, but it was an illusion. Tao Mogen didn’t get along with her hearttoheart. She was easygoing and concealed the coldness in her bones, but when she was with Liu Jiuzheng, Tao Mo was relieved.
Huang Yuanyi seems to suddenly find that there is something wrong with Feng Weiyao’s eyes looking at Tao Mo, and she is slightly surprised and asks, Feng Er Shao you?
Feng Weiyao suddenly turned his head to warn Huang Yuanyi, What are you trying to say?
Don’t get me wrong Huang Yuanyi smiled and looked at Liu Jiuzheng and Tao Mo in front of him. It’s more like love at first sight after a long time, although there are some, but after all, those people around you are afraid of being at home behind you. Miss Tao is not such a vain girl.
When I heard that Huang Yuanyi was helping me analyze Feng Weiyao, I immediately relieved my handsome face with a bit of eagerness. Where?
I don’t think you can be too hasty. At present, you can get along with Miss Tao’s friends and friends for a long time, and the feelings will naturally come out. Huang Yuanyi thought about listening to his words and Feng Weiyao smiled tacitly. I am also a girl. If you have anything, you can ask me.
Mountain road Liu Jiuzheng walked in front with Tao Mo on his back, and Feng Weiyao helped Huang Yuanyi to walk behind. The four people were quite harmonious, especially Huang Yuanyi said some tricks to pursue girls from time to time, which made Feng Weiyao’s best friends chase women. It was all direct money to hit.
Buying jewelry, sending designer clothes and shoes to highend restaurants and going abroad for a luxury tour can all be successful, but Feng Weiyao has always understood that relying on money to maintain his feelings is not worth having. Are there any local tyrants who want to pursue Tao Mo?
On the contrary, Huang Yuanyi said that she had nothing to do, sent a message on WeChat, and occasionally asked out to have a meal together or went to the apartment for a walk without stopping brushing. This is more like sending pottery foam jewelry. It is better to send some good ingredients, not only to rub a meal, but also to help bring each other closer. If you want to send it, you should send something that pottery foam needs, not those expensive gifts.
It was already dark on the mountain, but Feng Weiyao also listened to Huang Yuanyi’s suggestion. At this time, he quickly walked towards the black offroad vehicle and looked at the copilot’s seat. Tao Mo’s eyes swept her white feet. It was awkward to say, I booked a box for Dong Crystal for a while, so don’t cook. Let’s have dinner together?
Accustomed to Feng Weiyao’s strong and unreasonable side, I suddenly saw his earnest request for Tao Mo in such a tone. It was one leng, and Feng Weiyao was a friend. He asked him not to get along with Lu Jiuzheng Tao Mo naturally, instead of breaking up in three words.
I have asked Qu Wen to order first in the past. When we go back to take a shower, it’s just like this. Don’t give Tao Mo a chance to refuse to seal Weiyao’s speech and then return to Huang Yuanyi’s side. Her red sports car.
Qu Wen has passed Tao Mo’s natural method and refused Liu Jiuzheng. He also didn’t say what it was. He glanced at the front of the red sports car and walked to the driver’s seat. Huang Yuanyi then opened the door and pulled the car.
Black SUV leads the way, followed by Huang Yuanyi’s red sports car.
At this time, two cars with black license plates stopped at the roadside, and a driver dialed Xiao Fu’s words.
You mean the killer suddenly retreated from the mountain in March? Tao Mo and Lu Jiuzheng came back safely? On the other hand, Xiao Fu’s eyebrows couldn’t help but knit up. In the name of March, he didn’t miss the order when he asked for March
This time, Huang Yuanli found March to kill Tao Mo, while Xiao Fu sent Xiao’s elite to wait for Tao Mo to be seriously injured and die before taking Tao Mo away and forcing him to find out the formula of scald cream. When Tao Mo dies, it’s also bad for the family. It’s also Huang Yuanyi’s fault.
However, the Xiao family sent two elite teams, one with a farreaching telescope, and the other with a close observation. If the March killer started, the second team immediately rescued Tao Mo near the key, but because Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng discovered the enemy lurking in the dark in advance, two people moved quickly and shuttled through the jungle.
Xiao’s team is also an elite, but after all, it is much worse than Tao Mo and Lu Jiuzheng. The team responsible for investigating directly lost two people. Lin is too big and worried that Tao Mo, Lu Jiuzheng or the March killer will find the whereabouts of Xiao’s team and search it slowly.
In the end, Xiao’s team found that Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng and his party were in Anyushan. Xiao’s team was dumbfounded directly. Tao Mo was still alive. This said that March was a mistake, so Xiao wanted to rule out the serious injury of Tao Mo, and there was no way out.
Xiao’s second team immediately left the foot of the mountain and lurked halfway back to Sichuan and Chongqing, while Xiao’s first team was far behind them. What exactly should we do if we act now? We can ask the owner for instructions.
The formula of scald cream is too important for Xiao family, and Tao Mo intends to cooperate with Wu Laohe. If we don’t get the formula as soon as possible, Xiao Jiagen can’t make scald cream become a firstclass family in Beijing. Xiaofu’s face is gloomy. Everything was planned, but it happened that March failed.
Seek wealth and danger! Xiao Fu’s eyes were cold and said, Go directly and catch Tao Mo at all costs! With March in the forest, we will start work again at this time. Even if the investigation will find March, we will not think that Xiao’s family robbed Tao Mo halfway.
It’s the master! Xiao’s first team was ordered to immediately inform the second team to prepare for the ambush halfway, and the first team also accelerated its preparation and the second team to attack before and after, so it is necessary to take Tao Mo away.
The last light of the sunset is not wide. In the distance, two black cars with license plates used to drive normally, but when they saw the black offroad vehicle and the red sports car coming from afar, the two black cars suddenly accelerated and dashed past.
The road used to be two lanes. At this time, two black cars galloped side by side. Get out of the way. The offroad vehicle can avoid emergency braking and stop
Uncle? The killer in Tao Moyuan’s jungle has given in, but he didn’t expect to ambush halfway. Rush over?
Liu Jiuzheng took a glance at the coming red sports car. Liu Jiuzheng’s driving skills can definitely be driven out in two cars and collided, but Huang Yuanyi and Feng Weiyao can’t hide behind him.
Sit tight and hold on! Liu Jiuzheng sank his mouth and stepped on the gas pedal. The car suddenly accelerated towards the oncoming two black cars.
Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi also found something wrong at this time. Huang Yuanyi quickly stepped on the brakes with a wrinkly eyebrows and watched the crazy posture of the offroad vehicle hit the past and couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.
damn it! Is the surname Lu crazy? Sealing but Yao suddenly stretched himself straight from the copilot position and looked at the scene of the upcoming crazy crash. Huang Yuanyi yelled at driving without looking back. Don’t stop! Drive past!
Huang Yuanyi frowned and thought that she could draw Feng Weiyao’s eyes and put the brakes on again. The red sports car also drove past again, but the speed was really slow.
The black SUV was even crazier, and the drivers of the two black cars were shocked for the first time. They were going to force the SUV to stop, but who knew that the other side was even crazier than them, and the three cars were about to hit each other headon, and the speed was so fast that the collision was definitely a car crash!
This moment is more crazy than who, who is more afraid of death than who! Two black car drivers slammed on the brakes at the last minute and quickly hit the steering wheel to avoid driving a highspeed offroad vehicle.
Looking at the danger of two cars, Liu Jiuzheng stepped out of the way and slammed on the brakes. The tire ground was violently rubbing against the offroad vehicle like a dragon wagging its tail, and the road quickly drew an arc.
Tai sui rou ganoderma lucidum! At the moment when he braked suddenly, Tao Mo suddenly remembered that he was holding the seat with his hands in his backpack, and then he picked up and put the seat backpack in front of him. Inertia Tao Mo suddenly fell forward and was instantly pulled back by Ann.
ah! Tao Mo’s body aches and shrinks. When she was fighting with a tall and thin man in the former jungle, her chest was injured by a fist. At this time, she was so strong that she felt pale and felt a bloody smell in her throat, but she was hurt and hurt.
Lu Jiuzheng didn’t expect Tao Mo to brake urgently, and she would let go and hug the backpack at the last minute. At this time, as soon as the car stopped, she immediately worried about looking at Tao Mo at her side.
Uncle, I’m fine. It’s a joy. Tao Mo smiled unawares and swallowed the scent of blood in his mouth again. Those enemies in the jungle are too strong to care about this minor injury at this time.
Lu Jiuzheng also knew that the situation was wrong. At the same time, his right hand had already grasped the pistol, and almost he was about to open the door. The elite of Xiao’s second team in the car immediately shot to prevent Tao Mo from driving away. Their first choice was to shoot through the tire.
Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi were frightened by Zheng in the red sports car. Although they had seen danger, it was the first time they encountered such a dangerous gun battle. Because the target was Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng, Xiao’s second team directly looked at Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi in the red sports car behind them.
Uncle seems to be not a predecessor! Through the car door, Tao Mo stopped the pistol in his hand from being accurately shot out. When he was in the jungle before, Tao Mo also shot and attacked the first enemy and was killed by Tao Mo’s bullet right between the eyebrows.
The second enemy was aware of the danger and avoided it. Unfortunately, Tao Mo had the spirit to avoid the second enemy and shot it. But when Tao Mo shot, he found that the enemy in front of him was much weaker than before, which could be regarded as the ordinary strong at most.
When Xiao’s first team came to support, Xiao’s second team had been shot dead, and a team of two cars ran into Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng crazily.
Not good! Feng Weiyao suddenly showed up at the beginning of the gun battle. Feng Weiyao knew that he couldn’t drive without a pistol. It would be a drag and a burden for him to go. Even if he had a gun, Feng Weiyao knew that he couldn’t fight these people with his gun skills from the shooting club.
The situation has become more and more favorable for Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng. Who knows that at this time, two black cars with license plates are coming from the rear. Like crazy beasts, they directly hit Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng.
Tao Mo’s body was on the spot, and a tumbling narrowly avoided the collision. The car quickly turned around and the pistol was aimed at the front without her knees and elbows bruised.
When the car crashed, it quickly turned around and collided with Tao Mo for the second time. At this time, Tao Mo had straight body, slender arms, straight eyes, calm and sharp spirit, attached to the bullet, and pulled the trigger with your fingers, and the bullet quickly shot out from the gun bore.
The driver of the car saw Tao Mo’s move, but he didn’t mean that the car was more than 100 meters away from Tao Mo, and the pistol had a range of 50 meters. In this case, Tao Mogen couldn’t shoot, but when Tao Mo wanted to fire the second shot, the car had already come, and Tao Mo would directly fly out.
However, this pistol was transformed from the front edge by Liu Jiuzheng, with a range of nearly 300 meters. After attaching the spirit, the ejection speed was faster and more accurate, and a shot hit the driver’s eyebrows.
Lost the driver’s control, the car was out of control, and the road was flying with Tao Mo. Once again, the people in the back seat reacted and immediately shot and continued shooting.
In another car, the driver found that the situation was wrong, but he was afraid to take another shot at Lu Jiuzheng, and he was about to escape. At this time, Feng Weiyao did not consider the danger. Hurry up!
Huang Yuanyi drove after it, but unfortunately the speed was slow. Many black cars have driven more than 200 meters, and they can’t chase after it again.
Forget it and you Feng Weiyao, although it’s a pity that the last car escaped, also knows that he is powerless. Although Huang Yuanyi is much better than the little delicate family daughter he used to know, after all, ordinary people and Tao Mogen can’t compare.
At this time, Feng Weiyao looked out through the windshield of the car. Tao Mo just had a gun battle, and Feng Weiyao’s eyes were fixed on Tao Mo. She looked at her calmly and shot everywhere. The enemy immediately fell to the ground and died

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When Muling returned to Longxi Villa at night, he found that Xia Han was not here tonight. His company came back late for something, but he didn’t see her in the room. He went upstairs to look for her and couldn’t find the whole villa.
Section 177
He was vaguely worried.
He woke up the servants and asked them that he didn’t see them.
He went back to his room to get the car keys and went out to look for them. He saw a note on his foot.
It says, I’ll wait for you here in room 3, and I’ll tell you all the truth!
He squinted coldly and felt uneasy.
Overtaking all the way quickly went to the address indicated in the note.
He kicked the door angrily and found the bed messy, Xia Han.
At that moment, he almost blushed.
She was lying naked in bed with messy hair and scratches all over her body.
I can hardly see the intact cheeks, but I’m covered with marks of being injured.
Men leave filth everywhere.
Those disgusting filth, he knows what it is!
Has he been bullied/violently?
He was stunned there, and he couldn’t see any light distance under his eyes.
He was cold, and he was …
He can’t imagine what kind of hardships she has just experienced, what terrible things she has experienced!
Heart trembling
He watched her approach with love, only to find that his steps were so heavy that he looked at her like a tin of lead, staring blankly at the ceiling and tears in his eyes almost broke his heart.
Looking at her like this, he is breathing suffering.
Damn it, who is it?
Actually spoil his cold son.
He walked past with trembling steps!
Hold her up and call her name cold son …
However, it is full of silence.
Cold son …
Han Er, I’m sorry I’m late! Mu ling Tian Shang tong opens his mouth
Looking at the tears in her eyes, Mu Lingtian clenched his fist.
Damn it, he won’t let this beast go!
He will make life worse than death if he hurts Han Er!
Xia Han painfully closed her eyes. What she just experienced was the most painful thing in her life!
I’m dirty …
Dirty …
Will Ling Tian still love her?
Why would you do this to her?
Ye Xihan what ah …
The president found out.
Miss Night stays in this hotel from nine o’clock.
Good night Xihan MuLingTian fist tight cu with bloodthirsty strength stung the desktop.
This woman is so vicious that he shouldn’t have bypassed her again and again. He should have been soft-hearted to her and hurt her. He will also let her taste being forced/violently!
If Han Er suffers, he will make it worse. Give her back!
Ye Xi has a big belly, and she will be able to give birth to a baby in a few months.
She was in a good mood after the delivery check-up in the hospital, and the baby was all healthy, which made her very happy. However, just after she left the hospital, she was suddenly picked up and carried the car by Mu Lingtian.
She was so frightened that it took a long time for her heart to return to normal. Just now, she was worried. The good child has been in her stomach for months and is very stable. Otherwise, if she was so frightened in the first few months of pregnancy, she would probably slip away.
But just now, she still felt a sudden stabbing pain in her lower abdomen.
I am glad that the baby is okay! Be a good baby and make sure this mother gives birth to you safely!

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I don’t have a company to manage and I’m not interested! Shadow cocked his head and thought, I still want to study image design, which is more advanced abroad than in China!

Good! Jin Yuying was very excited and expressed her support. You can help me directly when you learn!
Then choose new york Fashion Design Institute and graduate with a master’s degree in two years! Wen Zezong immediately showed his professional side.
Can I? There is a new vision in the shadow.
Get rid of that? Of course there is no problem if we help you! Jin Yuying gave Ying real encouragement. A Zong, I suggest that we go back to the United States early, which can also give Ying a better language environment. I want to find another teacher to train her!
Looking at two women with excellent feelings, Wen Zezong was in a great mood. Women have always suggested that I adopt it. Let’s go back and get ready!
Wait a minute! Shadow saw a hair salon suddenly stopped, and she wanted to give herself a brandnew image.
Really? Do you still need to get your hair done? Jin Yuying touched the shadow hair and wondered what she was thinking.
I want to cut them short!
what! Wen Zezong immediately frowned. He was very fond of shadow ink hair. He remembered that it was like this hair.
Because I need a fresh start, I want to give myself a new look. The narrator has gone to the hair salon.
Let’s go, people have such a choice! Jin Yuying took Wen Zezong’s arm and couldn’t understand why this man was so depressed.
When Jin Yuying and Wen Zezong walked into the hair salon, Ying was already lying in the shampoo chair and began to fuck.
A Zong, can you tell me what you’re so interested in? Sitting in the rest area, Jin Yuying saw a note in the man’s eyes.
Wen Zezong smiled. Would you believe me if I told you that I had chased a girl for four years?
Don’t tell me that this person is a shadow, I will believe it! Jin Yuying has always maintained a teasing state. She doesn’t want the topic to become heavy, which is not in line with their personality.
It’s a man who looks like a shadow. His name is Miao! WenZeZong since laughed is less lujia lady is also a expectant mother! I should be very happy now. I went to see her quietly when I came back!
Jin Yuying smiled for a long time. No wonder you named her Ying. So you took her as Ying!
Is it stupid? Wen Zezong showed a feeling of failure in front of Jin Yuying for the first time.
No, I think it’s a good deed! Jin Yuying smiled and looked at the shadow. She is a very savvy person. She will learn a lot in two years, which will be her life’s wealth. I believe she will be happy!
I think so! Wen Zezong has a feeling of meeting a bosom friend. And I think it’s good for prenatal education!
Jin Yuying was amused by Wen Zezong’s lack of seriousness, and she felt more and more flesh and blood for this man.
After more than half an hour, the shadow ink hair turned into necklength short hair, which was more lovely and capable. It was less charming, but it seemed more suitable for the shadow temperament. I smiled in the mirror and gave a high score to the new image.
How do you feel?
Yes, you have your own feelings! Jin Yuying’s sentence also means that it is his own idea to give Wen Zezong a picture, and everyone will have their own personality.
Wen Zezong smiled as a ruffian. In the longterm rejection experience, he had no extravagant hopes for the film, so just look at it. There was absolutely no idea of teasing, or that he was enthusiastic and helpful because she looked like Miao, and it was precisely because of this imagination that he had a kind of awe.
Hao Cheng, USA, feels that she is going crazy. Lu Fengxing has searched everywhere where people can appear, but she can’t find anything. It’s still connected.
Hao Cheng decisively reported to the police. The police assisted in looking through the surveillance video of the day and found that the picture was still for nearly an hour after the traffic jam at Brooke Bridge. Obviously, it was passive.
Hao Cheng is aware of the danger, which is definitely not an accident. According to the clues found in the previous and popular land, it is very likely that this disappearance was also carefully planned.
Holding words in hand, Cheng Hao really doesn’t know how to explain this matter to Yuan Zong. After all, it is her nephew. Now everything is speculation. Without evidence, talking nonsense will make things more chaotic.
And the underworld friends here have already expressed their attitude when they sent the message, because there are already gangsters involved, and they don’t want to get involved in the muddy water again. Now that the land is popular, those people will definitely not 夜生活网 buy him.
When Hao Cheng was at his wit’s end, Tang Shu called.
Is there any news from the boss? Before Hao Cheng opens his mouth, Tang Shu’s urgent voice comes.
Hao Cheng has made an account of seeking truth from facts and told Tang Shu all the guesses and clues. He really doesn’t know what to do now.
Do, chapter one hundred and ninetyfour.
At a height of 3,000 meters, the night has enveloped the whole world, and the shadow seems to sleep very uneasily. From time to time, the brow is frowning as if it is very painful.
Wen Zezong didn’t know that it was a bit unbearable to see Takumi like this. Shadow?
Huh? Shadow difficult to open my eyes canthus seems to have a glittering and translucent.
Did you have a nightmare? Wenzezong seldom has a serious expression.
I dreamed that a person was wearing gauze and it was very painful. The eyes made people look very worried, but I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even say anything. I didn’t look at his pain! Shadow fell into pain.
silly sister said it was a dream. What are you sad about? Jin Yuying also woke up LanYing shoulder began to comfort.
But that dream is so realistic that I always think that man and I have something! Shadow or a face of sorrow.
Shadow, do you know why I will help you so much? Wen Zezong’s opening attracted the attention of two women, and Jin Yuying was curious about the reason.
I have a college classmate who chased her for four years and was repaired by her many times, but she still didn’t chase me. I went abroad to study for a few years and could forget her or remind her of me, but the result was very hard. I didn’t forget her and she didn’t remember me!
What about her now? Shadow became curious.
Like you, you are already a mothertobe figure! Wen Zezong’s lip angle evokes a bit of bitterness.
I can’t see that you are still a spoony! Jin Yuying heartless teasing up.
You just know! Wen Zezong immediately lost his orthomorphism. It seems that the two of us still need to know more about it!
I have no opinion!
Jin Yuying and Wen Zezong are definitely working in pairs.
Shadow smiled awkwardly and brought the topic back. Does this have anything to do with helping me?
Of course! Jin Yuying first accepted the topic You he is a living Lei Feng! I guess it must be that your love with his god looks very similar, and you hooked up with his thoughts to help you so much!
Ah? This answer is too bloody!
Jin Yuying, you are almost a worm in my stomach! Wen Zezong raises eyebrows.
Idiot, this is called tacit understanding, okay? Jin Yuying pulled up.
Do I really look like that man? Shadow a face of consternation.
If I wasn’t sure that Miao was still raising a baby in lucky chance Pavilion, I really would have killed her! Wen Zezong is very realistic.
hey? Thinking thoughtfully, I always feel that this name has a different meaning. What flashed in my mind but I didn’t see anything clearly.
Section 22
Oh, that’s what your shadow means! Jin Yuying left her mouth and thought that men were so naive.

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Jane picked up Jane Luan’s small ears. Come on, don’t bargain. If you can’t do it first, daddy will do it again. English is absolutely reluctant to play Jane Luan, but she is willing to hit him, especially biting the little woman to make him often feel that she is eating less meat.

Want to eat his meat?
The taxi is leaving the wedding scene.
A familiar car is coming.
Jing Luan was sharpeyed and found the person in the car at a glance.
Daddy is the second uncle and aunt Xu, and they are here. Jing Luan’s eyes lit up at the sight of Lai Xu, and Lai Xu sat in Jane’s position away from the passenger side at this time. Daddy’s mommy’s wedding scene is with Lai Xu, which means that Lai Xu’s position in his heart is very important.
Jane must press Jing Luan’s head away from the slender skinny hand, and at the same time, his head is lowered, regardless of whether Jane is extraordinary or Lai Xu. Anyway, he can’t be caught by people now, otherwise he will never escape.
Chapter 1249 Goufu’s Notes (312)
Extraordinary quick stop Lai continued to find Jing Luan, and Jane looked at the taxi direction as if she were a monster.
At this time, Jane and Jane Luan should be the wedding scene, but now the main characters of their wedding today, one big and one small, actually decided that what happened to them in that taxi for a while.
It flashed through my mind. Were the two fathers kidnapped?
After all, I recently heard that the two of them heard that kidnapping roots was a common occurrence.
But it’s not normal for it to happen on such a big day today.
For a moment, she continued to panic. No, she was nervous.
I don’t feel anything about Jane being away from her, but it’s different about Jing Luan. She likes that little thing Jing Luan.
Lai continued to hurry and let Jane drive straight ahead. She was in a daze. What happened to her? She turned to see her. This pause, Bang, a muffled sound. Jane’s car hit the curb.
Crashing is a trivial matter. It’s a big deal to change a car. Just get rid of it casually and it’s ok.
But this will be a big deal.
I was injured by Jane, but I haven’t recovered yet. I’m out of luck again this time
It seems that if you want to get close to Jane’s extraordinary site, she will have an accident involuntarily.
The first time was in front of Jane’s ancestral home. She was hit by a car.
Later, Jane Feifan was either robbed by gangsters or injured by Jiang Wei. This will continue. Jane Feifan braked suddenly and hit the top of the carport and bled.
Ah … Her low consciousness is really a conditioned reflex.
What’s the matter? It’s true that Jane hit him without paying attention to the car crash. He has more than a dozen such cars, and he can change one every day for half a month.
It’s especially fast to catch up with the car in front. Lai Xugen did not consider that the taxi in front of him was driving farther and farther away, and now he could see the color of the car.
What? Jane is bleeding from frowning at her head and hitting her forehead, but she doesn’t care about her own eyes and staring at the car in front. This is stupid. I’ll take you to the hospital. Recently, I asked him to stay together. She has to get a little injury almost every time. Does he have the physique to hurt her?
Can’t he go near this girl?
Lai Xuxu didn’t react until she noticed that Jane was different. Jane was injured and she noted that Jane was separated from Jane and Jane Jing Luan. Today, your brother and Ying Jie are married, but I just saw your brother and Jing Luan in the taxi in front.
Impossible Jane sneered coldly at my brother’s wedding scene
I really saw it. The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am not mistaken. She may admit her mistake. Is it possible for both of them to admit their mistakes? If you drive in that direction, I will call Ying Jie. If they are at the wedding scene, then I won’t say that I am wrong, but if they are not at the wedding scene, then …
My brother escaped from marriage? Jane’s extraordinary lips and eyes are deep and deep, looking at that direction. At the same time, people have started the car root, whether it is hit or not, and directly chased it into the field of vision. There is already a little car left.
Lai continued to dial English over and over again for three times, and the talented person picked it up. Lai continued, right? Are you and Feifan coming soon? The invitation was written by Ying personally, and Jane was also invited by Lai Xuxu. As soon as Lai Xuxu called, Ying thought of Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane, and Jane, the prospective brother had to attend the wedding, otherwise she would have no face.
I don’t know if she’s still a sisterinlaw. It’s not nice with her brotherinlaw
Sisterinlaw Jing Luan and his father? Lai continued to be afraid that he was mistaken, so he asked 1 first.
Ah! Ying swept her eyes in the direction of washing her hands without thinking.
Really? Are you in sight? Lai Xuxu consciously asked her if she really saw Jane separated from Jing Luan. Did each of them have a twin as a backup?
That’s not them to wash their hands English or not.
Sisterinlaw, send someone to wash your hands and find out if there is a horse soon. Give me an answer.
Oh, well, don’t hang up, I’ll go myself. Ying said with a mobile phone in one hand and a wedding dress in the other and rushed to wash her hands.
If it were anyone else, it wouldn’t have her speed.
Although she is wearing a wedding dress, it doesn’t affect the speed at all. Others have to walk for a minute and it will be completed in more than ten seconds.
It was a trouble that attracted the attention of the bride. At this time, it became the object of attention at the wedding scene, and everyone looked at her direction
She runs too fast.
Besides, she can continue as soon as she thinks about it, so that she can wash her hands and find someone to tell Ying with a sixth sense that something must be wrong, otherwise the girl won’t mess around.
Bang rang, and the men’s hand washing door was directly kicked open by English high heels.
Jane must leave you and come out for me. A bad feeling strongly attacked her brain, big eyes and quickly found a man to wash his hands.
Ah, exclaimed a man. When he heard the door ring and turned to see the bride Ying, he rushed back to urinate. You … What are you doing? He asked, glancing at the men’s urinal again, and then making sure he didn’t go wrong. It was the man washing his hands or the bride going wrong.
Ingen ignored this man. No man is as important as the man she likes. Jane must leave you and come out kicked the first toilet?
There is no simple separation and no simple scenery.
Then the second and the third …
It’s just a blink of an eye. She kicked the toilet open
That bad feeling may have come true. Continue, they don’t wash their hands. They don’t tell me what you found at the wedding scene? Britain’s head is spinning fast, and I have guessed in my heart that it is probably not finalized yet.
Sister Ying and I just seem to see Jing Luan’s father in a taxi on the way to the wedding scene. Lai continued to think about it or tell the truth, or she will be the most embarrassed to keep Ying silly and wait for the wedding scene.
She doesn’t know what happened when Jing Luan and Jane left, but now she can minimize the damage to Britain as much as possible
Click a sudden brake, followed by Jane’s heavy punch on the steering wheel. At the intersection in front, there was a red light. He tried to run the red light, but it happened that the long cart came across. The cart was two rows of cars. If you hit it, he wouldn’t be able to rush over, not to mention those obviously new cars and cars would scratch each other. shi! Jane has a low curse. I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch the taxi if I go like this.
What happened to Extraordinary?

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Come back sometimes. Something happened to Weimin Taotao. Huo Jiangcheng bluntly said.

Huojiang Gelai still slept a little, and he woke up immediately when he heard this.
What’s the matter? As he asked, he has been quietly heading for the quarter room.
I suspect that I have been kidnapped. Huo Jiangcheng felt that the situation was not very optimistic after listening to his wife’s description.
I will book the latest air ticket and fly back with Meng Qing immediately.
Say that finish HuoJiang GeHang up the words.
It was already the afternoon of the second day in Chengdu when Huojiange and his wife came back.
But at this time, the two children haven’t found Huo Jiangcheng, and it has been decided that they are kidnapped. The Huo family is so rich that many people want to kidnap and knock on a ticket.
Huo Jianjun got the news and ran, lost his temper and then clamored for the police.
Claiming to call the police, but immediately denying his decision, he insisted that he could not call the police, and how much money he had to pay must be settled privately.
You two still know to come back. Huo Jianjun has made a fire at all the people in the family. When the big husband and wife come back, they point the finger at them. What waste do you ask to protect my two grandchildren? Even people can’t stand asking them.
Ji didn’t talk, and he was a little stunned. He held his wife’s hand and said, The kidnappers have a plan, and we can’t prevent it.
Are you still reasonable? Huo Jianjun is even more furious.
Huo Jiangyi doesn’t want to argue with his father at this time, and he knows that the old man is really worried about his choice to shut up, and his most concern is the safety of his two sons at the key moment.
If it is kidnapped, the kidnappers will call sooner or later. Huo Jiangcheng volunteered to wait first.
Huo Jiangcheng has found the principal of the school. There are cameras at the campus gate, but there are many people coming and going because the school holds a sports club.
I can’t find anything special for a while.
Just when everyone was silent, the landline at home suddenly rang and everyone held their breath.
Huo Jiangcheng answered the words that the school class leader came and his heart sank again and again.
After a while, Huo Jiangcheng hung up and said, The school said that suspicious people were found in the video. Later, Mr. Li, the class leader of Weimin, will come and see those suspicious people with the video.
Shu Ya casually asked with a small snowflake, Could it be Miss Bai?
Lai Huo’s family didn’t fix the suspicious person on Bai Lu, but Shu Ya said that the two brothers looked at each other in silence.
An Shutong also said, That Bai Lu is now a psychopath who gambles and owes usury, and she was fixed by Weimin once before she died. She may not have kidnapped Weimin and Taotao without a grudge.
What’s the matter? Huojiang Gewang to An Shutong.
An Shutong said, The former eldest brother, foreign Weimin didn’t want to disturb your aunt Bai, and Bai Lu gambled again. He owed 300,000 Weimin money and paid it back, but Weimin said that he would make an example of Miss Bai, so that those people were afraid to lend money to Miss Bai again. Maybe Miss Bai hated and tied people.
Huo Jiangyi doesn’t know such a thing. He doesn’t know it.
This Bailu, she really dies every minute.
Huo Jiangyan went out to call Bai Mama with his mobile phone, and Bai Mama was also scared.
What? Weimin and Taotao were kidnapped? She was cooking and was so scared that she dropped her spoon.
Huo Jiangyan asked, Where is Bailu?
She’s not home, White mother said seriously. She moved out half a month ago, and she hasn’t come back or contacted me since then.
When I came to Huojiang, I still hoped that it might not be Bailu, but after listening to Bai’s mother, he felt that it was almost Bailu who didn’t run away.
I know, said Huo Jiangyi.
White mother asked, Do you mean that Wei Min Tao Tao’s disappearance is related to Lulu?
At present, there is no evidence, but it is almost the same, Huo Jiangyi said truthfully
White mother’s heartache is like a knife hinge. How did this happen? What does she want?
I’ll tell you if there’s news. Huojiange is not in the mood to comfort the old man at this time. She can tell her if there’s news.
White mother said, If it is Lulu, even if it is to compensate me for my desperate efforts, I will save their two brothers.
Thank you. Huojiang’s heart is still a little moved to the old man’s house
Teacher Li, the class leader, came over and showed a video. Huo Jiangge sat there with gloomy eyes.
He recognized the figure, even if she wrapped her face tightly again, even if she wore a wig, but she had known someone before, he recognized her at a glance
Is this Miss White? An Shutong pointed to the socalled suspicious person and asked Huo Jiangge
It’s her Huojiang GeLengSen scary.
Section 32
Text 263 I want your wife Zhao Mengqing
Is it really white? When an Shutong is uncertain, there is no evidence to discredit him.
But now Huo Jiangyan’s attitude is sure that she is angry to death. Is this woman crazy? She kidnapped Weimin. Not only was Weimin kidnapped, but she even spared Taotao.
She can understand how to treat Weimin like this, but what is this to Tao Tao?
Huo Jiang’s silence and calmness are scary. He really hates this woman Bai Lu.
This woman has repeatedly challenged his bottom line, and he really can’t stand it any longer. This time, he will definitely not be polite.
Ji is not white. She is not white. Why should Miss White be so cruel? Even if you have a deep hatred with their husband and wife, what can you do to take it out on their adults and children?
She can’t do such a thing anyway.
What now? Season in a hurry sit at home and wait? It’s been two days, and there’s no news there. Will Miss White directly tie someone up and tear up the ticket root, and won’t call to talk about money redemption?
The words of the season made Huo Jiang’s eyes suddenly look up at her. Because of the season, he woke up. That crazy woman, Bai Lu, maybe she could really do such a thing.
Huojiange suddenly got up and looked at his second brother Huojiangcheng.
Huo Jiangcheng said, No matter what has happened, I can find a way to solve it. Don’t worry, I have arranged for someone to find it.
Thank you in Jiangcheng season is grateful
Huojiang’s cell phone suddenly rang, and he was surprised. Then he took out his cell phone and looked at it. It was Jack calling Huojiang’s cell phone and walked out.
When he left in a hurry, he didn’t come to say hello to Jack. Huo Jiangyi thought of talking about the situation when he returned to Chengdu, but as soon as he got off the plane, all his thoughts were gone and he forgot about Jack’s things.
jakiamsorry Huo Jiangyi apologized first and then said the family situation.
Jack said in broken Chinese, Huo, I want to say that your wife is usually treated conservatively in such a situation, even if she can’t. She can do something before she gets along.

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That’s great, Bai Qingwan said excitedly, and then asked Feiyang, Do you have any special liking for food? I bought some vegetables outside and I don’t know if it suits your appetite. Bai Qingwan and Du Gulan live in a villa. Because they are both college students, they usually eat at school or go out to eat, so they didn’t invite his servant. Although Bai Qingwan is a rich girl, her cooking skills are also very good.

Whatever. I’m not picky about food. I believe Miss Bai can cook. Feiyang chuckled and got a cold hum from the girl in front of me.
Flying retaliatory stick out your tongue and lick DuGulan’s earlobe. DuGulan was suddenly attacked. She couldn’t help but tremble a little. A shy red tide spread from her face to the earlobe, and she became more and more weak.
Bad guys, let me go, said Du Gulan, utterly confused and even a little weak in his voice.
Well, I let go. You mustn’t start work. Feiyang slowly loosened Du Gulan’s right leg and took it from his shoulder. His hands also loosened the bondage of Du Gulan’s arm.
Ha ha, you’ve been taken in. Du Gulan stayed in the sky and let go of his excitement. He clapped his hands and looked at his chest. Du Gulan leng stupidly said in astonishment, Why don’t you hide?
Hide a fart! Feiyang felt a sweet mouthful of blood gushing from his throat, leaving a wry smile from his mouth. I really wasn’t ready. I didn’t expect this Xiao Ni to dare to slap himself.
Are you okay? I really didn’t mean to see flying spit out one mouthful blood Du Gulan suddenly felt some tightness in his chest and hurriedly asked before checking the flying injury.
Do you remember I talked to you just now? Flying at DuGulan said coldly.
DuGuLan suddenly feel flying eyes some dangerous curious asked; What words well words haven’t finished DuGuLan was flying a hug leaned over to kiss the mouth.
Feeling the scent of blood from Feiyang’s mouth, Du Gulan stared at his eyes and frowned slightly, trying to push him away, but he thought that it was really wrong for him to close his eyes and change his hands to Feiyang’s neck and gradually respond to Feiyang’s kiss.
Feiyang held Dugulan’s lips against the door plate and kissed them continuously. After a while, while Dugulan pushed away his big mouth and gasped for fresh air, Feiyang kissed Dugulan’s tongue again, pried open her small mouth and sucked out her small sweet tongue to let them swim back and forth in their respective mouths.
At this time, Du Gulan felt his head boom as if it were on fire. The whole person seemed to be a mass of cotton wool floating in the air. The heart rate was never so intense. If there were no door panels behind him to support the whole person, I’m afraid I would fall to the ground directly.
Fly in the sky will Du Gulan tightly press the door, then hold Du Gulan with both hands and lift the door slightly. The fingers of the two men clenched their lips and twisted their bodies together.
Where did Du Gulan go through such a way? The only time a boy got in touch with him was when he kissed the flying car. At that time, he felt as if the whole person was floating with clouds. He felt that the whole person was going to melt away with a thin layer of spring fog and a charming little face full of Chun Qing. From time to time, he leaked a few tiny moans from his attractive mouth, and his petite body trembled slightly and was controlled by Feiyang.
Xiaolan, come and help me peel potatoes. Suddenly, from the upstairs kitchen, Bai Qingwan shouted to wake up two immersed boys and girls.
Du Gulan pushed away the flying arms, his eyes blurred and his body was soft and he was panting against the door panel.
Float in the sky is also fixed eyes looked at DuGuLan fire charming is spruce appearance trying to suppress the desire in my heart.
I went to DuGuLan turned to open the door.
Wait, you just go said Feiyang, looking at Du Gulan’s clothes and eyebrows.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Du Gulan quickly dared not look at Feiyang’s eyes and hurriedly walked to the closet and took out his clothes. He was about to change clothes. Suddenly he remembered Feiyang and put it back, and turned to Feiyang Jiaochen. Don’t go out, I want to change clothes.
Well, that little haze, I said that’s not the problem. I mean, should I treat my face? Feiyang licked his face and went to Du Gulan’s side to pick off the sunglasses that had been crooked because of the passion of the two people just now.
Poof deserved it. Du Gulan remembered that he had provoked himself by flying words last night. After Du Gulan left, he carried out a miserable and humane beating on Feiyang. During the beating, Du Gulan also left the true qi on the surface of Feiyang. He found that his body could not absorb the true qi if it was not integrated into Feiyang meridians, so he decided to give this apprentice a severe look.
Good little Lan, I know I’m wrong, so be kind enough to help me heal this injury. Feiyang grabbed DuGulan’s little hand forward and smiled obsequiously around her.
Cure Du Gulan remembered last night, and he was so angry that he let himself lose such a big face in front of others. If he doesn’t punish this guy properly, he won’t remember for a long time.
It’s incurable float in the sky up flattering smile looks at DuGuLan said.
Is not cured Du Gulan is even more angry. Bastard won’t even say a good word to himself. When I am Du Gulan, I am your little wife.
Then I’ll stay here and don’t go. Feiyang sat down on the Dugulan bed and lay down directly.
You smelly rascal Du Gulan was so angry that it happened that he took this vigilant lazy guy and had no way to dump his clothes in his hand.
It’s really sweet float in the sky without meaning picked up Du Gulan clothes and smelled a face of intoxication and said.
At this time, Lou Bai Qing wan urged again.
Little Lan Ma is coming Feiyang proudly looked at Du Gulan’s expression for Du Gulan’s big answer
Well, you win. This DuGulan completely gave up. She didn’t want to be seen by Bai Qingwan’s floor. She was flying in her pajamas, lying in her own bed and holding her own clothes. This would make Bai Qingwan see it. It is estimated that even the sisters have nothing to do.
Du Gulan’s little hand gently touched the blue part of her face and felt her face burning. Then the pain disappeared and she walked to the dresser of Du Gulan’s room and carefully took a look at her handsome face. This was satisfactory. She fiddled with her collar and looked at her mercilessly. Du Gulan stepped forward and suddenly her face kissed and walked out of the room with a smug smile.
Smelly rogue Du Gulan looked at the flying back and hated the little scold. He wiped his kissed face hard. He quickly walked forward and slammed the door and locked it up. Then he quickly returned to the bed, took off his pajamas and changed his clothes. Looking in the mirror, he found that his face was still red, remembering the previous flying passion and kissing. It was another acceleration. He quickly pressed this mood to hate Jiaochen, a big wolf and then quickly ran upstairs to the kitchen.
Chapter 15 Small ambiguity before dinner
Du Gulan and Bai Qingwan are busy in the kitchen. Bai Qingwan doesn’t seem to find his good sister and his favorite man are ambiguous. They are still talking and laughing in the kitchen, preparing lunch. Please visit.
Fly in the sky is dugulan door when changing clothes to the living room sitting on the sofa from the coffee table glass plane took out a fashion magazine stretching his legs and looked at it like a householder.
Bai Qingwan’s cooking is good, but the knife work is flattering, and Du Gulan is very good at practicing martial arts since childhood. This kitchen knife is also natural. Generally, Du Gulan is responsible for cutting vegetables and peeling them. These need to make kitchen knives work, while Bai Qingwan is naturally responsible for cooking all kinds of dishes. Cooking is a big hobby of Bai Qingwan. Whether it is steaming, frying, boiling, etc., he is proficient in some cold dishes and desserts after meals.
Ok, Xiaolan, I don’t need your help here. Go to the living room and play with the flying. Du Gulan will soon finish her work and don’t need her to worry about it. In addition to these, she really won’t do anything, so Bai Qingwan asked Du Gulan to go out and play with the living room and sit and fly.
I’m not going to accompany him, DuGulan said, but she walked out of the kitchen and sat beside him with her back to him.
Flying corner saw Du Gulan’s performance around him. I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows and chuckle. I had a bad idea in my heart. I let my legs fly, picked up the remote control of the tea table and turned it on. I sat and watched while Du Gulan did not pay attention to grab her and put my legs in one hand.
What are you doing? DuGulan was startled by this movement of flying, and hurriedly turned to look at the kitchen direction and saw Bai Qingwan’s half body through the kitchen door. It seems that he was still seriously busy and couldn’t help frowning and asked Feiyang little question.
Feiyang said nothing, staring at it with both hands, grasping Du Gulan’s right hand and carefully toying with it as if it were a lovely plush toy.
Idiot, you are quick to let go and let Qing Wan see it. Du Gulan smoked his hand, but he didn’t break free from the flying talons.
Du Gulan Bai relies on strength alone to compete with Feiyang, so he has to transport the true qi to withdraw his right hand. On the one hand, Bai Qingwan sees this ambiguous move between the two.
DuGuLan haven’t shipped just heard a ringing sound behind him.
Here comes the food. Bai Qingwan excitedly took the first course to the table and left his eyes on the sofa. Two people moved their dishes to the table and looked at Du Gulan curiously and asked, Xiaolan, what did you just do with Feiyang?
Nothing, nothing. Du Gulan’s face turned red and I don’t know how to explain her eyes for help and look at the sky.
Well, I just read Miss Dugu’s palm. Feiyang explained with a smile.
Do you still know how to read palms when flying? Bai Qingwan asked excitedly looking at Feiyang.
Is a little bit float in the sky crustily skin of head with.
That’s great, you also show it to me. Bai Qingwan came from the restaurant and came to the front of Feiyang, smiling and holding out his right hand.
Aside DuGulan heart sank to the bottom and his face turned slightly pale.